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You have a product but what is the plan to market? A project's crucial path through development is understanding the path and the future plans and making the right decisions now in preparation for the next step. Many times our clients do not see the true potential of their project. Identifying the unknown topics such:

  • Customer Profile

  • Market trends and expected growth

  • Supply and Distribution Chain Considerations 

  • Potential Product Business Models

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Pricing Analysis

  • Marketing Plan Considerations

  • Operational and Logistic Considerations

Taking the Market Fit Discovery to the next step, our team analyzes the direct related money related to your project. Identifying the price point the customer will pay and building the product financial model from there. Identify total revenue streams and volume of units forecasted through the first years is crucial in project planning. Our team will be able to identify the following:

  • Revenue Forecasts

  • Expected Cost of Goods

  • Expected Gross Profit Margins

  • Total capital Required for Pilot Production

  • Directly Marketing Budgets

  • Lifetime Customer Value

  • Expected Positive Revenue Forecasts

  • Expected Production Efficiencies 


Beyond the project financials there are other costs incurred that are crucial to a brands success. Moreover, the opportunity costs of other financial commitments should be weighed against your projects forecast. If you are a start-up, the expected capital required provides a path for fund raising. If you are already established  brand, you need to know what the risk is and how this affects the rest of your business. Our team can provide:

  • Total Capital Required for the Project

  • Expected Time of Return

  • Risk Assessment

  • Customer Churn Rate

  • Accumulated Capital Burn Rate

  • Administration Costs

  • Brand Marketing Budgets

  • Net Profit Margin

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