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Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng


In the engineering phase our team takes the design and prepares it for production. 

This is where the design gets modeled using Solidworks and where details get finalized. 

- Materials

- Finishes

- Assemblies

- Design for Manufacturing (DFM)


01 Mechanical Engineering

Functional products require great mechanical engineering. Our group of designer and engineers have over 50 years of product development knowledge. Designing and engineering products for production is not only important to us, but it's a key factor in brining a great product to market.

Image by Jorge Salvador

02 Electrical Engineering

We have substantial experience and a talented team of electrical engineers. From systematic architecture, schematic design, circuit board prototyping, firmware development, and printed circuit board production.


03 Finite Element Analysis

FEA allows for our team to apply functional forces on our designs and products to study the material and performance, identifying potential failure points before any capital is spent on prototyping or production. 


04 Patent and Spec Drawings

Our engineering team also manages all sketches required for patents and the creation of specifications for manufacturing and suppliers to adhere to.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

05 Quality Control Writing 

Our engineering team also overseas all quality control writing, including our Check Out Procedure, that establishes QC protocols, acceptable limits for inspection of production and recourse and corrective actions.


Software and more info

- Solidworks file

- Manufacturing Drawings

- STL and/or IGES Files

- Patent Drawings

- AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) Report 

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