Our team analyzes your product and your intended go-to-market plan. Focusing on current market trends and your targeted customer. This includes your product features, supply chain, distribution chain, marketing, and operational plans. The team will provide key market insights and considerations. This is everything related to the product in regards to the market, consumer, and threats to your launch.


Our analyst will build your financials models specific to your new project launch. This includes your cost to produce, shipping, forecasting profitability. This is everything related to the product in regards to financial and capital related to the product launch. 


This is everything related to your whole business including the administration costs, insurances, marketing expenses, and all additional costs not directly related to your project. In this model you will be able to forecast your sales, churn rates, accumulated burn rate, and your required capital required that you could expect to raise. Lastly, this financial model will provide the expected return time; all of which are crucial to understand and know.



Every business should invest time and resources in creating consumer profiles of its ideal customers. These profiles describe consumers based on different categories so they can be grouped for product development purposes. By targeting specific market segments, brands can find more success in developing their new products to match the consumer lives in an intuitive way. Consumer profiles allow you to define and describe these market segments.


Identifying the consumer segment leads our design team to design a product that fits into their life with price points and materials in mind. The next step includes identifying the desired materials and through ideation creating the desired form factor of the product. 


Lastly, our design team refines the created form factor for the desired market segment to prepare for engineering and focus on commercialization of the newly created design focusing on manufacturing and technology currently known to optimize efficient supply chain design. 



Taking the designed form factor, our engineering team will combine their creativity, knowledge, and analytical tools to complete the difficult task of shaping an idea into reality. Apply theory and known applications, our mechanical and electrical team will begin to build with the objective of solving the original problem serving the desired customer. Our engineering teams are looking for any concerns and prove the theory in real-world applications. 


Through our finite element analysis, we are able to apply simulated stresses on design and products in our software prior to any prototype or production. This removes a great deal of risk for our clients as we are able to save thousands of dollars to identify weak points or potential problems before anything is ever built in real life. 


After our engineering team has executed their testing, pushing, and pulling of the design, our teams prepare for manufacturing. Our engineering teams refine the documentation, producing 2D specification drawings for manufacturing to estimate from and the cornerstone of our client's future quality control programs through manufacturing. 



Working side by side with design and engineering is prototyping and 3D printing. Testing the theories and real world application from our engineering team, we produce our clients designs in the real world and begin consumer testing and catch anything unforeseen through our process and assumed theories. 


Through functionality testing of prototyped products, our testing criteria focuses on intended functionality and expected durability. Consumer studies are also conducted to provide real world feedback and confirmation to meet the segmented consumer. 


As development wraps up, our client liaison pulls everything together and supports our clients into the next step of the process into manufacturing. Our client liaisons compile specifications, 3D files, written request for quotations, along with all reports compiled through the process and will provide the final documentation to circulate through suppliers and aid in our clients supply design. 



The next step in the process is to prepare for manufacturing​, which can be overwhelming. Our sourcing team will support our clients next steps to locate, validate, and coordinate certificates of suppliers all over the world. Our team has the experience with over 20 years of international and domestic supply chain management. 


Trusting suppliers is hard sometimes, which is why our team has built a system to ensure a high level of quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Idea House has created a strenuous control system that manages not only functionality but also aesthetics and packaging specifications to withstand extreme shipping conditions.  


Navigating the world of importing into the United States or other countries around the world is second nature to the Idea House Operations team. Over the last 20 years, Idea House has produced and imported through the difficult terrain of tariffs and import regulations. Hundred of clients utilize Idea House to manage their imports and logistics of distribution.