Good design goes hand and hand with a good product. 

Product development is defined as the intersection of design, engineering and technology. Idea House works closely with our clients to address every aspect of the development process from design to engineering, prototyping and manufacturing.  

We start with concept designs and adjust and refine until we have a final design that has what it takes to be successful in the marketplace.


We use empathy and human centered design on our approach to every concept. We put ourselves in the perspective of your customer, how they'll use your product and we evaluate every aspect to make your product the best it can be.  

After the design is complete, material, finish and final adjustments are made to prepare your product for testing and manufacturing. 

Because our designers and engineers work so closely, every concept we create is designed with manufacturing in mind. Every sketch, every rendering has the end product in mind.  

Since we design using empathy, creating prototypes to put our selves in the users shoes is a must. With our in house 3D printing capabilities, we have the tools needed to evaluate every project before production ever gets started. 

For clients that have the needs, we offer a complete 3D scanning service to aide in the development of new products, make changes to existing products, or for quality control. 

3D scanning is a tool that can be just as important as 3D printing for developing new products. 


Once the testing is completed, manufacturing and mass product begins. The journey is sometimes tedious, but ever step is important.


With large manufacturing capabilities, there isn't much we can't produce. We offer our own manufacturing solution to all of our clients.  


"The fact that these are great guys would be enough to deal with them. But , when you layer in their technical proficiency , incredible enthusiasm and “get it done” attitude you’d be hard pressed to find a better solutions-orientated partner."

-Robert Simoneau, USS Technologies

Electrical Eng

No matter what your needs are, we have what it takes to complete every task. From Software design to PCB layout and integration, we have an answer for every need. 

Because sometimes we can't get from point A to B without every component. We understand how important every detail is.