In the design phase, we look at a number of factors that play a role in developing your product for the market. 

Some of those factors are:

- User Research

- Ergonomics 

- User Interface

- Aesthetics 

- Color Materials and Finish (CMF)

Image by UX Indonesia

01 User Research

Our design team executes the consumer research to understand the targeted demographic. It is important to be specific in a products design efforts to match the intended user. This will influence, colors, materials, and ergonomics. 

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02 User Interface

After the targeted demographic is identified, our design team goes through a user use study to identify and incorporate intuitive design. 


03 Aesthetic 

Product next go through an ideation phase to develop product concept with an emphasis on functionality and use. We develop the product and look at materials, parting line, material breaks and final form factor. 

rendering for portfolio.539.jpg

04 Color & Materials

The final step is to identify the color schemes and materials for the product of the design process. Our design team will select options and present options that fit the targeted consumer profile and manufacturability.  Colors are also selected for depending on consumer profiles and product perception.