CEO and Head Engineer



Design Director

We know how important it is for you to trust your team. We're a group that believes that communication and transparency is key. Developing products in the real world takes blood, sweat and tears. We also know that whether you're a start-up or a developed business, what we do impacts your well-being, and we take that seriously. Your success is ours as well. 

Collectively we have over 60 years of product development experience. With formal education in every field from industrial design, engineering and business management, we have what it takes to take your product to the next level.  

about us

25 years in business

15 years partnered with China Factory 

100+ products successfully launched

Over 20 US Patents 

6 CES Design Awards

20+ Container loads imported last year 

Assisted over 250 clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500. 

Design Services  

Ideation Design

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

3D Printing

3D Scanning


CAD and Specification for manufacturing

Reverse Engineering

Design Consulting

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Business Pivot Consulting

Business Strategy Consulting

post development services 

ISO 9001

Quality Control Management


Quality Inspection

Market Penetration

Strategy Consulting

Contract Manufacturing Production Management Importing/ Exporting Logistic Management