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Business Apps That Make Your Workday Flow Faster

Apps make our businesses run faster and more efficiently. But not all apps are created equally. If you’re an SMB looking to cut the clutter and use technology to make your days a little less hectic, Idea House blog has you covered. Read on for a few mobile and desktop apps to keep in mind as you work toward improving your business.

Inventory Tracking

The efficiency of your inventory and purchasing process plays a huge role in how profitable and customer-friendly your business truly is. An inventory tracking/enterprise resource planning software will help you create an inventory system that makes sense for your business, no matter how big or small. Look for a system that integrates with your online platform and that comes pre-packaged with an app that allows your customers to order on popular shopping platforms, such as Shopify and Amazon.


A point of sale system is a combination of software and hardware. You have no doubt seen them hundreds of times in the store. Most businesses today use a POS operated from a touchscreen tablet. Often, these systems will hold on to previous customer information so that they can text or email receipts and do away with the paper altogether.

The top reasons to invest in a POS system: quick transactions and integration with your inventory system.

Team Management

A team management app can be used from desktop or mobile to help you and your staff keep up with projects. According to NTask, apps often feature a shared calendar, time tracking capabilities, contact database, and the ability to create custom work schedules. Your team management program will likely also feature a project coordination tool and allow you to print reports and see who is working on what in real-time without having to stop and send an email.

The top reasons to invest in team management software: everybody is in the loop and can quickly and easily see where each project is in the pipeline.


A CRM, or customer relationship management, app is like a team management program but for your customers. It allows you to see their orders and keep things organized internally. Your CRM is more or less a digital Rolodex that comes with the added benefit of being able to keep notes about your customers that you can retrieve instantly. You can set reminders about birthdays or other important events in their life so that you can build a stronger and more personal connection with your client base.

The top reasons to invest in a CRM: better relationships with your customers.

Should You Create An App For Your Customers?

Speaking of customers, many small and medium-size businesses wonder if there are benefits to creating a custom app. The answer is often yes. As Business of Apps explains, a custom mobile application can work as a social platform while enhancing the visibility of your brand. It also reduces costs while increasing customer engagement and, when executed well, will be a value to your customers. Perhaps most importantly, your business’s mobile application can put you ahead of the competition.

In today’s digital age, there is no reason for simple processes, such as customer transactions or keeping track of your inventory, to take up half your day. The apps above (and many others) will help you build a more efficient business so that you can focus your time and energy on building it.

Have a new product you’d like to get to the market? It starts with your thoughts and ends in Idea House producing the perfect prototype that’s ready for manufacturing.

Author: Tina Martin


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