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Be More Productive with Effective Stress Management

Let’s dismiss a common myth right off the bat: stress is not bad. In fact, some types of stress are actually quite healthy. Eustress is a term for the beneficial stress that motivates us to go after our goals and succeed. If you are a business owner or simply a career-oriented person, chances are you rely on eustress to level up day after day. Of course, there’s always the possibility of having too much of a good thing.

Left unchecked, acute stress can lead to a chronic condition that impedes upon on your health, happiness, and productivity. Managing stress through proactive organization and lifestyle choices can prevent this from happening while keeping you motivated to reach your goals. Use the following advice to help regulate the stress in your life so you can reap the benefits for a healthier and more productive life.

Money Matters

Economic insecurity is among the top things Americans stress over in their lives. According to research published in Psychological Science, financial stress contributes to low self-esteem, impaired cognitive functioning, and even physical pain. Organization is the key to managing economic insecurity and can get you on a path to reducing the symptoms of excessive monetary anxiety.

  • Sit down to go over your spending habits and make a budget that allows you to live comfortably while also saving for your goals.

  • Speaking of goals, having a personal financial goal is a great way to motivate yourself and prevent overspending. Aim to save for something you really want, create a bigger rainy day fund, or finally pay off that remaining student loan debt.

  • A great credit score gives you the freedom to borrow capital when you’re finally ready to take your business to the next level. If your current credit score is a little lacking, you can help repair it by consolidating debt, paying off credit cards and disputing incorrect information found on your existing report.


Some of the world’s most successful people credit a daily meditation practice as a way to promote focus and be more productive. Meditation helps people learn how to manage stress by conditioning them to be aware of their environment without necessarily reacting to it in the moment. Over time, people who meditate are more mindful in their day-to-day lives without having to try. They may have a passing thought about a task or problem that needs to be addressed, but if they don’t have any power to address said issue in the moment, they simply move on and return to it at a more prudent time. People who meditate are more productive, less anxious and more in control of their emotions and actions because of their practice.

Take a Vacation

On the surface, it seems counterintuitive to take time off work in order to be better at it. However, research backs the idea that taking a vacation improves productivity at work. Giving yourself a break means you can catch those extra hours of sleep, spend time with those you love, and spend time doing activities you enjoy -- all things that are essential for good mental health. Vacations also provide you with a change in pace that can shift your perspective, making the same old day-in and day-out routine of work seem fresh and new. When you give yourself a break, you may even find yourself missing your job a bit, reigniting your passion for your work and motivating you to give it your all once you are back.


Not all stress is bad, but when you fail to manage your anxiety you put your health and happiness at risk. Reduce stress by taking inventory of your finances and coming up with a plan to meet financial goals. Daily meditation is not-so-hidden secret of successful people for improving focus and reducing stress. Finally, don’t be stingy with the vacation days. Giving yourself a break is essential for mental health and promotes productivity once you are back at work.


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